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The organisation GPP Limited was formed on Jan of 2013 following a one year research and resource/team building exercise


Executive Summary:

Global Prospect Projects Limited (otherwise known GPP Ltd) is a full-service business marketing consultancy hybrid consisting of a multi-faceted marketing, networking, development and investment research entity.


GPP Limited is a London (London being the head office) and Hong Kong based business marketing and consulting firm that responds to a series of specific customer/client needs within various fields of business, especially those particular needs that are focused upon financial or other support modes of intervention/interjection. GPP Ltd basically offers what can only be described as an in depth packaged service which includes; research, statistics, marketing, profiling, presentations etc. The latter services are specifically focused upon creating expansive due-diligence and information for which either the investor or entity seeking investment can utilise in making full business analysis and or decisions.


The GPP business consultancy was created to take advantage of a fertile UK market. The potential diversity of the investment market in the UK for Chinese and Hong Kong based firms is buoyant


The real purpose of Global Prospect Projects Limited is to understand the industry and specifically the key procedures and or protocol that revolves around the defining decision making factors of organisations, who often partake in actively searching for innovative entities to assist via funding, financing or other type of intervention. The latter will be undertaken and implemented by GPP staff thus expertly earmarking the parameters and key performance indicators which such interested firms may wish to operate within.

Invest in UK and Hong Kong Companies

The UK government is offering great incentives to businesses wishing to invest within the UK, Global Prospect Projects can offer essential information and guidance now, contact the development team for more information

News Flash

Global Prospect Projects Limited launches in the UK and Hong Kong. Companies can invest in global opportunities now.